Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Featured Look: 12/1/2010 Nicoline Poulsen


This new feature is for looks that I find off the street, or anywhere really, which I find post-worthy :) Of course everyone will be credited as appropriately and be notified if they are featured. I'll have a proper banner/heading for it when I can find time to make one, but here's your first look!

Name: Nicoline Poulsen
Age: 16
Nationality: Danish/Papua New Guinean

What She is Wearing:
- White top with the Union Jack print, and brown leather jacket – From New Look
- Skinny jeans – from Vero Moda
- Black boots – from Forever 21

What Inspired Her: "I saw the brown leather jacket on display in a New Look magazine, paired with skinny jeans and a white top and I thought the combination looked really good."

Noteworthy Details:
Her Union Jack shirt.

Comments would be appreciated :)


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