Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Messenger Bags (Old School Style)

Messenger Bag: A messenger bag (also called a courier bag) is a type of sack, usually made out of some kind of cloth (natural or synthetic), that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest resting the bag on the lower back.

Today, I went out with a couple friends after school to visit this boutique downtown called "Fedora". It has this charming little vintage vibe and has the most adorablest bags and shoes.

Naturally, I bought a couple (old school) messenger bags which I have been wanting since FOREVER for like $10-$20. So cheap. Here are some pictures:

As you can see already, the style of the bag and tags is very vintage influenced. Love it.

Above is the picture of the first messenger bag. Bought this bag for around 380,000 vnd, which is around $20 US. Absolutely adorable, I will take it with me to Singapore for sure.

 The first black bag is twice the size of this one. This bag is around 275,000 vnd, which is around $15 US. SO CHEAP RIGHT? And its absolutely adorable. There is a knit pattern on the front and back while the body itself is leather.
Sometimes thrifting at the right stores can be quite productive.
Take care,
"Fashion is architecture. It is a matter proportions."
- Coco Chanel

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