Sunday, November 7, 2010


Photography: the act of taking and printing photographs

Here are some photographs that I have been taking around school. Do visit my deviant art (link on the side) sometime and take a look at my pictures. I would really appreciate it :)
I really love playing with natural lighting. See how the light outlines her nose on the top picture there? Love it. In the picture below, her profile is outlined using obviously contrast - dark and light.

 I love taking pictures of profiles, and close-ups. Candids for sure. The picture above is a candid, but the one below obviously is not. I like both of them.


"Imagine a world without photography. One could only imagine."
- Berenice Abbott


  1. <3 i love your photos
    like your candid ones are so good

  2. thankies lover. WAIT TILL SPORE. thousands of stalker pics of u for sho.


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