Monday, November 22, 2010

Travelling? No Problem.

Travelling: travel: the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel".

It's finally the day before I leave for Singapore. Our THIMUN conferences don't actually start until Wednesday morning, up to Saturday, so we'll have half the day free tomorrow. We leave from school at 8 AM and our flight leaves at 10, so we'll get there at about noon.

So, since I'm going to post the outfit that I will wear for travelling later on anyways, I will write some tips for dressing up for the plane. Or some advice that I always follow when picking out outfits for travelling.

Number One Rule
Choice of footwear is VERY important when travelling. Actually, choice of footwear is very important all the time. My number one rule while travelling (for long distance: out of the country, more than 3 hours, etc.) is no flippy floppies. You will want to be moving quite fast while travelling, and also quite comfortably, so flip flops are a big no-no for me. If you're running they might fall off, then you have to huddle back and get them. Things that roll and people will be everywhere so the chances are if you are in a crowded airport, your toes will get stubbed, trodded upon, rolled on to, stepped on, smushed, smashed, squashed and more. If your flip flops are cheap and hard, they will give you blisters anywhere the straps touch your feet. My recommendation is a pair of good, comfy sneakers (by sneakers of course I mean a pair of ratty converse ;]), boots (you may wear heels in this case), comfy heels/wedges or FLATS.

Rule numero deux
Rule number two is think FUNCTIONALITY for things you carry. My bags are usually big totes. Or small sling-bags depending on what I'm bringing. Backpacks are fine but I just have a thing against them, so I usually steer clear of back packs. BRING PENS. Don't bring a bag gaping wide open for anyone's hand to stick into or your passport to fall out of. Make sure there are a kazillion little pouches on the inside for things like mints, passports, pens, money, make-up, etc.

Rule numero trois
I usually go for comfortable casual when I'm travelling. Wearing pants/shorts is highly recommended (remember, I'm talking long distance flights - everything depends), wear something that you won't trip over, or does not hug your feet so tight it swells. Skirts are okay I guess, but it might become a hassle in terms of functionality because you'll be walking around a lot. Scarves and an outerwear is also recommended. No matter where you go, chances are you will get cool, if not cold, over your travels. Being 30000 feet in the air can have that effect. So bring a scarf or a blazer, or even a jacket or hoodie if you're really going for comfortable. Wear a tank top or T-shirt and not something that will fall off or slide down.

Rule numero quatre
Your hair. Hair, hair, hair.
I hate having my hair up when I'm on the plane just because I can't lean on the seats. I hate having it down because it gets very static-y and really uncomfortable. So, I usually have it down when I leave, have it down as I settle in the plane and down when I sleep. As soon as I wake up, I usually tie it up in a bun for the rest of the trip. I also like to keep my bangs out of my face. When you sleep, the oil on your face will make your bangs nice and oily (if you have bangs or a fringe), even side bangs. So I highly recommend you keep it back with a pin or bobby pin.

So I hope one day those tips will be quite useful to you, if not already :)

I will post my outfit on the next post :)

Happy travelling!,

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."
- Lao Tzu

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  1. Thank you for your comment! I also follow you now^^

    Very useful tips, I will definitely consider them the next time I go!
    Have a fun trip!


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