Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Curiousity Bought the Cat

Monotonous: having a single color: a cat with a monotone coat.

Only recently, I bought a cat sweater in this cute little store downtown. It was quite reasonably priced as well - ONLY FOUR MOOLAHHSS ($4) WOWWA. It has these cute burgundy-root beet red colored cats on it. I've decided to wear it for school tomorrow so that outfit post will be posted tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to show it to you guys. 

I really like the nail polish I'm using. And my hair is getting really long.
(Thrift cowboy hair clip, Thrift cat sweater, Zara shorts)

SO. CUTE. Look at the cats and all its monotonous goodness.

This little hair accesory is a hair clip. I've never actually worn it out before, so I just put it on randomly.

It looks glittered - but its actually just suede.
I'm really excited to be heading back to Jakarta in 4 days time actually. I really can't wait to go round town and shop at the GOODS dept., just opened but its packed with local indonesian designer stuffs. I have high hopes for this store.

Source: The Goods Dept.
Ready for the holidays,

"Love the giver more than the gift."
- Brigham Young


  1. ahh that is so adorable :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. aww...i like those prints...it look so adorable. u r soo cute. my name is bernadette and im going to start following your blog

  3. The hat is so cute.


  4. Love your sweater, the print is SO cute!! Going to follow your blog now! Follow me too??


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