Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Infamous "In My Bag" Post.

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I got a formspring question on what makeup I use and I guess that inspired me to do the infamous "in my bag" post - which will feature my make up bag as well. So here are the pictures with a list after each of what product they are (in case you want to go get some).

In my bag:
1. Longchamp bag
2. Louis Vuitton monogram vernis Zippy organizer wallet
3. Body Shop make-up bag
4. Nintendo DSi
5. Dior eye-shadow palette
6. iPhone
7. Blackberry, and yes those are mini "Stich" legs.

My make-up bag:
1. Body shop make-up bag
2. MAC 129 powder/blush brush
3. Clean & Clear oil control film
4. Nemo mirror
5. Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream
6. Maybelline B.B.Cream Liquid Foundation
7. MAC wedge sponge
8. Clean & Clear Pure SOS blemish clear pen
9. MAC Prep+primer Light for eyes
10. Dior eye-shadow palette
11. Maybelline the Magnum volum' exress waterproof mascara
12. Maybelline P12 watershine pure lipstick
13. Maybelline clear smooth minerals healthy natural concealer
14. Nivea natural volume lip balm
15. Palgantong Crazy Black slim brush eyeliner
16. MAC brownborder eye liner
17. Palgantong Pearl White eye liner pencil
18. Lancome paris Artliner trace dense
19. Etude House Bling Bling eye stick
20. Etude House shine up  purple eyeshadow stick
21. Etude House shine up gold eyeshadow stick
22. MAC Gingerly sheertone blush
23. MAC Dollymix sheertone shimmer blush

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me."
- Tyra Banks


  1. Yes we have found it!
    I´m sorry but we couldn't found it at that moment. We are follow you right know!

    H&C from Amstetdam

  2. great bag post :) it's always interesting to know what people have in there!

  3. Love what's in the bag posts! ... You have an amazing make up collection, loved those Dior eyeshadows the colors are so pretty, and how cute is that nemo mirror, adorbs!


  4. i want your dior eye shadow palette!

  5. I love these kinds of posts, and yours especially- some many girls seems to carry around really tidy, empty bags but yours is just like mine, full of fun and exciting (and of course important) things! That Dior palette is just beautiful.


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