Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring 2011 Trends - Some Eye Candy for you.

Here are Your Seasonal Dose of Trends:

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures to go with the headings. Enjoy!

1. MARY KATRANTZOU IS AMAZING - She surely won't just be trending this spring. The most intricate detailing on her dresses - very structural pieces. Such an inspiration. I would actually spend all of my savings just for ONE of her dresses, that's how much I adore her.

I know this is a post on spring trends, but just and FYI, these are her Fall 2011 pieces which are just as gorgeous as her spring collection. Also, she's collaborating with Topshop!

2. Colour blocking. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors this spring. I'm really going to experiment with colors next season!

3. Sheer maxi skirts. I had mentioned this one sometime ago for winter trends.

4. Crochet pieces.

5. Lacy Laces.

6. Coral lipsticks.

7. Birdcage Skirts
8. Tail Hems - dresses that are longer at the back. I adore this trend the most. So excited to get myself one of these!

The most gorgeous Escada dress ever.
9. Tassels.

Unique SS11
10. Crop tops.


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