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You Asked the Questions, Here Are the Answers.

Ketchup or Catsup Gif - Ketchup or Catsup?

I'll compile all the questions into a list which will be posted here :) I've decided to compile them at the end of each month so people can find all of my answers on one post. Thank you everyone for your questions! So here they are:

1. Can you speak Vietnamese? Try speak some ;)
Xin chao! Chuc mung nam moi! And that's about how much Vietnamese I speak, hahahaha. 

2. When did you move to Viet?
In 3rd grade, which was in the year 2001. So a longgg time ago (this would be my 9th year since I arrived in August)

3. What camera do you use for your pictures?
My beautiful Canon EOS 60D :) Sometimes I secretly use my dad's camera, which is an EOS 5D just because he has a better lens and better camera in general.

4. I luv your fashion =)
Well, thank you :D I love you :)

5. How tall are you?
I'm 6 ft 5... in my dreams. I'm 5 ft 2 hahah which is about 159cm :( 

6. Why/when did you decide to become a fashion blogger?
Well I've always had this blog knowing that I wanted to blog about fashion... Then one day I just started taking pictures of my outfits and posting them, then it became a regular thing :) So it was very spontaneous and out of the blue. 

7. Thanks! Your beautiful photos inspire me to make a greater effort! How do you decide which clothes to buy when you shop? I'm sure you look great in them all xx
Thank you :) and I'm glad they're inspiring. I usually don't plan ahead (which is actually not a good idea because you spend more that way) but if I see a good piece that I really like and I try on, I would quickly think of outfit possibilities with what I already have or with other pieces that I will buy. It's either that way, or I already have something I'm prioritizing when I go shopping, but most of the time it's just go with the flow kind of thing :)

8. Do all your friends dress this way too? (like kinda dressed up vs the usual tshirt-jeans) Or is there a school dresscode? Do you ever wish your school had a uniform instead?
Yeah, pretty much. I think we influence each other a lot, so we dress very similar :)
There's no dresscode but there's (of course) some general rules like... no nudity... and yeah hahahaha. No, I really don't. I'm glad we have no uniforms because then you could dress any way you want!

9. Prettiest girl of your friends?
THEY'RE ALL GORGEOUS and I'm not even kidding. I'm not just saying this because I don't want to pick any either, I honestly wouldn't be able to pick anyways even if I wanted to. What defines being pretty? This may be a cliche answer but it's one that I really, honestly believe in.

10. Which shops do you usually shop at?
hmm.. About 90% of my closet is Zara, but I do go for Pull and bear, Forever 21 and other little thrift stores. I occasionally go to Topshop but its pricey so I only go when I feel sad/angry (therefore its justified if I spend a lot of money hahahhaa - just kidding) - or if I'm with my mom. It really depends on where I am, what I feel like getting and if I have the money.

11. Do you have any korean blood?
Nope :D hahaha I'm part chinese though. People always confuse me as being Japanese, Chinese or Korean and be really suprised when I tell them I'm Indonesian!

12. What's your weight?
I weigh 44 kg but it really fluctuates :/

13. Try to speak Indonesian and waktu di Indonesia tinggal dimana? (Where did you live in Indonesia?)
I'm from Jakarta and gw bener-bener dari jakarta, tapi bahasa indonesianya kurang lancar hahaha

14. Do you like where you live?
Yeah sure, I mean it has it perks but I love Indonesia and wished I lived there permanently. That won't be until a while though :(

15. When will you "Shop my Closet" be ready?
I'm so sorry this is taking forever, but I'm waiting to get my bank account set up - and before that I need to get my ID card made first (and figure out other legistics). We haven't gotten around to doing it but hopefully this summer it will be up and running so do stay tuned!

16. How old are you?
I look 12, but I'm 17 :)

17. How long have you and Michael been together?
 We just had our 9 months anniversary a few days ago :D

18. An E-mail from my friend xD:

I don’t really know you and it would be nice to learn more about you.
Where do you live?
In Hanoi - Ciputra.
What is your fone-number?
Chi, my number is in your phone - check there :D
Who is the best person in your business class?
Chi Dang Dang.
Who is the best person going with you to the Backstreet boys concert?
And…what is your favorite color?? :)
My favorite color is purple!
It would be nice if you could answer these questions on your blog.
There's some more on my formspring if you guys want to read more but I really appreciate all questions and comments and e-mails!


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  1. hah! I knew you had some indonesian in you :p sooo, you live in hanoi because you're dad works there?


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