Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Take on Shopping

Sustainable: able to be sustained; able to be sustained for an indefinite period without damaging the environment, or without depleting a resource; renewable

I've recently been emailed by Kavita Parmar, the creative director of the IOU project. So at first glance, I had no idea what it is... It said on the email:

I am a fashion designer, and together with my company, we set ourselves up with what we thought was an almost impossible challenge: to design and produce a line of totally unique clothing that would be cool and casual, but no matter how many people bought an item no two would ever be the same....

We´re about to launch in the first days of May, and we really feel good about what we have done, so here´s a friendly sneak peek. We think it´s special, and I hope you find it interesting as well. If anything I can tell you, it´s totally unique!

So now, I'm sharing with you guys what I think will be a tremendously exciting project to look forward to! A completely unique take on shopping and consumerism. A great sustainable way for us to go about fashion.

And of course thanks to Kavita Parmar for letting me have first glance!

"It’s got to be fashion and not what people perceive as ‘organic fashion’ – those hippie, oatmeal type of clothes – they have to be gorgeous clothes. Otherwise, no one would buy them."
- Katharine Hamnet

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