Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zara Spring/Summer Favorites

This is only a small little list of favorites from their spring/summer collection. There is obviously a lot more, but I just put the ones that I would buy and think of essentials even.

zara favorites

1-3. Tulip Skirt Dresses
These are adorable. Tulip skirts are almost like those runway birdcage skirts (ie. as seen in Balenciaga and Mary Katrantzou's shows) but a more downscale version - something we can wear everyday. Especially for petite girls like me, with almost non existent waists, it really accentuates your hips and your waist. I also just love thick straps and the material is super comfortable. I think the plain ones (with solid colors) could be almost wardrobe staples. You can do a lot of things with them. The printed ones however aren't neccesary staples but they're fun!

4-5. Wide Trousers
I cannot stress how chic I find wide trousers. Let's not mistake them for bell bottoms, because they are not the same. If you're really tall I'd imagine you would look amazing in these but maybe petite girls can work them too ;) Wearing platformed heels and a plain tee with statement jewelry - I would consider these pants a staple. 

6. Maxi Skirts
Like my own orange maxi skirt (got them in Zara), these printed ones are perfect for summer with lightweight material that wouldn't suffocate. The last time I went to Zara there were like 5 or 6 different colors that I could choose from too.

7. Coloured Skinny Trousers
Adorable. So versatile, and can be paired with a GAZILLION things not to mention, you can match colors as well. Although white would be staples because they've been in runways for a while now (both wide and skinny) and red trousers as well. Would be so chic paired with pique blazers.

8-9. Pique Blazers
Colored pique blazers have been in for a while now so I would buy one just because of its versatility. You can do a lot with blazers and these ones are just a more chic version. The ones that are navy blue with buttons are staples but the colored ones could just be collected for the heck of it. I'd buy one in 6 different colors if I could.


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