Friday, September 2, 2011

Hullo, Readers: Converse

A few days ago I got a request to do a post on how to style outfits with converses. I was planning to actually dress up with my own converse and show you guys a couple ways how I would style it, but since I'm super busy writing english commentaries and extended essays and stressing about university applications, I decided to just show you guys using pictures instead.


With your basic black converse, I would style it with a lbd and make it more casual with a denim jacket or some sort of cropped jacket. I think you could also do really fun outfits with colored converses and experiment with color. I guess with converses the looks would always come down to being rather casual, but I think (like with the first outfit) you can make it a little bit more smart and formal. There's so many things you can do with it actually and I'm kind of bummed I can't spend more time on this post :( but if I put it off any longer I may never end up doing it :(

(Note: I've decided to add Hullo, Readers for blogpost titles that have anything to do with anything you guys want for me to post about! Remember you guys can always contact me through my email, twitter and formspring - leave your names, emails and blogsites.)


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  1. cool sets:) you definitely have style!


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