Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Rose Has Its Thorns


Screwed: Ruined; rendered ineffective

Pardon if I'm a little bit rambling today. I have no excuse for it.

It's been a really busy weekend so I'm really sorry I went missing for like 3 days. I have a ton of work, although yes I admit, I have been putting them off - that's why I have so many. I need to get my shit together, its almost November and my university apps are due like in 2 weeks time and I'm pretty much SCREWED. 

Oh my god typing all this down is really freaking me out even more now.

And I promised you guys a music playlist as well. Damn. I need to stop promising you guys things because it seems like a really awesome idea at the time and then I end up not doing it because I'm a lazy ass asian.

By the way, the gorgeous vintage oxfords I have on are my friend Wenwen's. I asked to borrow them today :) And for the rest of the outfit, I love the tres provoquer (#badfrenchspeakingskills) dress which I wore with this cropped tube top underneath because I am oh-so modest, don't wanna be showin' off too much skin ye know. I just realized how thin my legs are, it's kind of disgusting. Trust me guys I eat like a beast it's just I don't even know. Maybe I need more sleep.

Dress: Topshop
Shorts: Zara
Belt: Zara
Bag: Topshop
Fedora: Unbranded
Oxfords: Wenwen's

A thud just came from the general direction of my balcony. There's always this MASSIVE swan (yes oddly enough just one) flying around like right at the back of my house ('cause it's like a field back there) and I'm always so scared it might fly into my balcony or garden and oh my gosh they are so massive how would we ever get it out of the house. 

I'm going to go watch the Walking Dead now. Loveeee zombie shows.

Pardon my weird ear in that picture which my ear is all weird in,


  1. thanks for the comment pretty! I love this outfit. you look awesome :)


  2. So nice!
    Following!www.theglamourousworld.blogspot.comxo DC

  3. pretty and lovely outfit :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  4. LOL this was definitely an entertaining post. Try not to stress too much :) College apps suck, but just do the best you can. You'll be fine!


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