Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Came In the Mail Today: BERSHKA WINS!

As you guys know I won that Bershka outfit a month ago or so, and I finally received it in the mail today! I LOVE everything that came. By the way, I will also start shortening my post (previews, jump breaks, whatever) on my home page since they can get quite long so don't think that I just wrote like one teeny post each time I do post, just click at the link underneath :)

The shoes (from Bershka's F/W Collection) aren't really my style, but they're super comfortable, a somewhat appropriate height for school (haha, for some) and looks great with the set! On top of that, I'm a sucker for shoes - especially free ones. I still love them.

The skirt is sort of loose on me, since it's an M... I ordered this size because it was the same size as my "green tea" skirt though... So maybe smaller sizes for skirts that are meant to be fitting, but anyways I can always belt them (and I did when I tried them on). I can wear them as a high-waisted skirt with the belt. Or get them tailored, but that might ruin them.

I adore this top! It's so cute with the lip prints. I thought I would rip these actually, they're super tiny but when I tried them on they fit fine because of the stretchy material.

Nothing to say about this necklace. J'ADORE. I can think of a billion different outfits this could go with.

Last but not least, this classic denim top. It's a small, I think, but it still fit kind of loosely around me and is super comfortable! I love basics like these just because they're so so versatile and can be worn with a million of different things. Not that I wouldn't also wear this by itself, because I would.

This is how it all looks like, together. What do you guys think?

I want to say thank you to Bershka for giving me these (FOR ZERO DOLLARS/MOOLAH/DOUGH) and of course, I'm definitely going to be a loyal customer now.


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