Monday, November 7, 2011

Bye Bye Berry


Good Samaritan: a person who voluntarily offers help or sympathy in times of trouble.

I lost my blackberry last weekend. Let's just have a brief moment of silence now. I've had good times with  it, it's a shame the bastard who took it wasn't a good samaritan and didn't call me back to give my blackberry back to its rightful owner - instead he took it (and yes, I know it is a he). Good luck getting past my password lock. Although it is Asia, he can probably get it hacked hahaha :( SADFACEEEEE

I'm still so sad. The thing I hate the most about losing something precious (and expensive) is well, obviously because it did cost money but also second, the sentimental value that it holds you know? All my texts and pictures and UGH I CAN CRY RIGHT NOW JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS. Like I would be grateful if the guy just came to me and gave me back my memory card and sim card and my blackberry case. He can keep the blackberry. Lol and yes my blackberry case holds sentimental value as well.

Whatever, karma is a bitch. I hope someone steals his car. And burns down his house. 

I am so angry forgive all the cursing.




  1. love your dot outer and shoes :)

  2. feel sorry to hear that. Hope you'll get it back or if not he'll get karma
    love your sheer shirt! :)
    hope you'll feel better soon!

  3. These photos are so cute, and you look
    so good! I like this post!

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    Cosa mi

  4. so sorry to hear you lost your blackberry
    hope you forget it soon :)

    pretty shoes btw :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  5. I totally feel your pain.  About a year ago some homeless man stole my phone.  My phone didn't have much value, nor did I store a lot of stuff in there... but my contacts!!  OH the pain...

  6. pretty you honey...that polkadot really suits on you!


  7. I'm really sorry about your blackberry :/ And especially about all the things you connect to it. Most of the time, it's really rather about what's on the phone or laptop than the thing itself..
    Anyways, your outfit looks great, so maybe that can cheer you up a bit :) Love the green heels.

    Hailey from

  8. Good luck with your cellphone :(
    I found your blog today and I'm loving it! I already addicted.
    Good week.

  9. lovely outfit (;!! hopefully you get a new phone soon or find  it ^^

    CMPang x

  10. You are so cute! I love the outfit, especially those green pumps. They make your legs look a mile long :)

    Sorry to hear about your phone getting stolen - I'm sure that the guy who took it will get what's coming to him though. I'm a firm believer in karma as well, and things always have a way of righting themselves in the end.


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