Friday, November 25, 2011



Recently, I've been collecting lots of velvet material clothing pieces into my wardrobe. Mostly dresses, shirts, skirts and even shoes/heels. I am totally in love with the texture it gives to an outfit. I reckon velvet is very versatile, it can be dressed up with a pair of heels, a cocktail ring, and dark lips for a night time outfit or dressed down with minimal accessories for the day time. For this winter, I think a dark wine red velvet dress should be a staple. I can imagine this dress paired with either studded black Litas or any black pump, black cardigan, black tights (if its cold), dark red lips and gunmetal statement jewelry. 

If you feel that a dress is too much velvet, a simple velvet tank would look stunning tucked in with a simple cotton bodycon skirt and statement jewelry piece. I am definitely going to invest in more velvet for the winter time.

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NOTE: As you guys can see, this is a new feature I'm doing. There will be a guest blogger every week or so that will cover a current favorite trend, or just give general tips! Leave a comment and say what you guys think!

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