Monday, December 5, 2011

Midterms in 2 Days - It's All Good.


Midterms: An exam in the middle of an academic term

It's all good, as in, I'll freak out tomorrow. Short post today because I do need to study hahaha, regardless of my screw that attitude the sheer thought of sitting for 3 hours in one room writing about fun things still scare the bejeebus out of me. Anyways, this sweater was introduced by a sophomore in my school a few weeks ago and Wen-Wen proceeded to hunt it down in town (and of course, she was successful). She bought 3 so we can all be mitchy-matchy. YAY. I also went shopping with my madre last weekend for some goodies, and I did get some adorable finds for this winter so please check back for those! One of them being these suede booties I bought from Aldo. I love them, they are so comfortable to walk on (they're not tall) and I think they're alright for school.

You guys probably don't care, but I'll tell you about my exams anyways:
Wednesday Dec, 7th: English from the morning 'till lunch, then Physics.
Thursday Dec, 8th: NO EXAMS! Study hard.
Friday Dec, 9th: Foreign Language in the morning and nothing after lunch. I am absolutely petrified for this exam. Seriously, my francais skillage on a scale of 1-10 is about 0 to 0.5. And that's only on good days.
Monday Dec, 12th: Mathematics in the morn. and Art in the afternoon. Kay, art is a cool kid but math is one of those kids that are quiet and generally "in-the-background", but then one day you find out that they're actually b*tches and you're just sitting there going WOAH WOAH BACK UP THE TRUCK.
Tuesday Dec, 13th: Business and Management exam! Yay! I welcome this exam with open arms.
Wednesday Dec, 14th: Graduation pictures. Yeah. Just saying. Graduation. You know. No Big deal. Just pictures of mealldressedupinmygraduationtogaandhatorwhatevertheyrecalled.

I hope you guys don't mind the long post today, to make up for me being gone most of last week. And yes, I know my "ombre" nails were a long shot but I had to try it and it came out as crap as I thought it would :) Success. Brownie points for trying?
Sweater: unbranded
Scarf: MUJI
Skirt: H&M
Booties: Aldo



  1. I totally love that sweater! :D And it looks so cute with all of you wearing it together.
    Good luck for your exams, that sounds like a whole lot of studying.

    Hailey from

  2. Adore the patterned sweater combined with the sequin skirt! Stunning <3 x

  3. you're ADORABLE! i love this outfit so much..

  4. GREAT SWEATER!! love this outfit a lot!!! ♥

    xoxo, Izzaura


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