Friday, March 16, 2012

K-Pop Concert: Part 1

(Bustier: H&M, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Topshop, Heels: Topshop)

K-pop: An abbreviaton for Korean pop music.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to a concert which hosted a number of K-Pop groups including BEAST, MBLAQ and CN Blue. Let's just say my concert experiences so far in Hanoi are far from perfect. I thought I was either going to get mugged (which indeed happened to one of my poor friends - his iPhone was snatched right out of his pocket), or trampled while waiting outside (this was even before going into the concert hall) by a MOB of people who were trying to get in - despite not having tickets. People were literally pushing the gates, trying to get it to open and there were policemen waving around tasers trying to get people to move back. So after waiting about half an hour, we finally got in. Then, inside, the VIP area was full despite some of us having VIP tickets (including my family) as apparently there were people in there with fake tickets. I think my poor sister actually cried because she was so disappointed. Well, for one, how is that any of our problem since we had the actual, real tickets and two, it's just not worth it. We wasted some good money and ended up leaving early just because the organization was so bad. 

Needless to say, the actual performances were SO AMAZING. I was still glad I could breathe the same air as them. Even though their faces were a blur. And it probably would've been better just to watch them on youtube in HD.

Second post soon with actual photos from the concert!




  1. SuncoffeeandstyleMarch 16, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    Your skirt mix two trends that we love "asimetric skirts and flowers print" We're waiting for new pics about the concert. Kisses!!

  2. I love both your friends and your outfit!
    The sounds so horrible what happened.

    The same this happened to a girl I know. She bought VIP tickets and it came with a Met and Greet and because they band ran late they only got to have a picture and they were forced away. She paid a lot of money so, she could do more than just taking a picture. She could've done that anywhere else. So, sad.

    I am jealous you go to see all of those bands though! keke.

  3. You guys look amazing, love the two outfits!hcz Looks like you had a lot of fun =) X

  4. OMG BEAST <333333 Where is this?

  5. I adore your style. love it!!

    Follow mine please


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