Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Are Young

(Top: Majik, Shorts: Zara, Heels: Topshop)

Green screen: A screen placed in a video studio images can be projected onto.

I am so sorry for the lack of updates guys, but I'm in the middle of my final exams right now so I'm still super busy (mostly procrastinating). I've been literally cooped up at home either studying or doing nothing all day long (hence the super white legs - I haven't been out at all) so I haven't dressed up much. Although today I finally got my sorry butt out of the house and into the world. I hung out with my friend for a bit to 'study' but then we ended up creating this 'green screen' (it was a red blanket though) at her house and took a bazillion pictures in front of it. It was a good time though, I really needed that.

I know I still owe you guys a few posts:
- Recap of Hanoi Fashion Week
- Tutorials, Requests and Tips from formspring

So those are still coming. Just bear with me! My exams end on the 23rd so hopefully by then I'll be able to post more often and have more interesting things to post about (I still haven't shown you guys a bunch of new stuff that I bought since ages and some other stuff I want to share with you guys).




  1. nice outfit.. love your shoe :)

    check out my blog whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. hey Tam! good luck with your finals x.. iam still patiently waiting for mine haha :)) and no worries, we will have tons of time to collaborate after all the boring school stuffs are done. can't bloody wait!

    can't help but laughing at the sight in front of your school's door though haha :))))

  3. Haha, those signs at the door are hilarious! xD
    And I really like the necklace you're wearing, looks like a small comfy chair :)

    Hailey from http://squidsquads.blogspot.com


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