Monday, February 11, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: CouponChief.Com

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Hi guys!

So, today I want to tell you guys about and how awesome it is. I've bought a few things for myself from the coupons from this site. It's super user-friendly and the coupons (or the ones that I've used) do work. There is also a system where the users can rate whether the codes work which is really great.

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So what you do is you look up a website or store that you want to shop from and then CouponChief will display a list of coupons that are contributed by (a) the shops themselves, or (b) other users and shoppers like you! This way there are a number of possible codes/coupons that you guys can use on your own purchases on selected online websites. You then get to rate whether the coupons worked for you or not, and then this adds up to the success rating that is shown next to the codes that are on the page. It also tells you what the code does above each code so you have an easier time trying to look for a coupon that works for you.

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from my instagram: @tammie900

I know of a number of coupon websites like these and never really took to it, but I have been using CouponChief a lot because of the user-friendliness and the selection of stores it has! I have tried it myself and from this site, I got this adorable bow top and a pair of white leather sneaker wedges using one of the coupons from CouponChief, and I can't tell you how grateful I am for it. You can go check out the coupon that I used to get a discount on these babies by clicking here. They have stuff from some of my favorite shopping sites like GoJane and Forever 21! On top of that, it doesn't only have fashion/clothing stores - it features sites such as BestBuy and Shutterfly too. 

So go check it out you guys, you won't regret it! You can open the website clicking here.

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