Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Disneyland Jersey // Knee Deep Denim Kendall Rings // Nasty Gal babygirl Snapback // Michelle: Nasty Gal Dress

So after being MIA for about 8 months, I have finally decided to start blogging again. I'm pretty sure I've said this multiple times already but this time - for sure. I think. Probably. Most likely.

A little bit about the pieces we are wearing: My babygirl hat is courtesy to Nasty Gal which is definitely my go-to site for pretty much anything. Some of their stuff can be a little pricey, but even their sale section is always packed with classics that I love. The jersey is a gift - and I'm sure disneyland has these in stock (even though I have never seen jerseys before), but anyways, super thankful it was given to me because... well, it's a jersey with Tigger on it. Why wouldn't anyone like it? My gorgeous wife/best friend/girlfriend/mistress is also sporting a Nasty Gal dress. You will see plenty of her in this blog, from now on.

Anyway, I have been updating my instagram (@tammie900) on the daily though, so make sure you hit that follow button if you have not already! I still have all these plans for my blog that I want to go through with, so stay tuned. If you haven't already noticed, I'm revamping the entire concept of this blog and will have more architectural content as well as fashion (hopefully you guys will enjoy that just as much), and have more guest posts (my fellow artist classmates) in the coming future.

X Tammie

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