Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweater Dress?

Pullover: A sweater that is put on by pulling it over the head.

Well. After finding out what the definition of sweater is, which is a crocheted or knitted garment covering the upper part of the body. Okay.. My "sweater" is obviously not crocheter nor is it knitted. Whoops. So I decided to do a definition of a pullover instead, which seems to make more sense.

This outfit I put together by pulling a "pullover" over a strapless dress.

I think I can wear this outfit to school. Probably minus the heels. Maybe boots as substitute instead.
"Fashions are the only induced epidemics, proving that epidemics can be induced by tradesmen."

- George Bernard Shaw


  1. wat is a sweater dress is it a outfit u can wear as a sweater but also a dress?

  2. Well when I came up with it, I just thought of it as simply a dress with a sweater over it. Hence the picture.


  3. That's awsome.I always wanted to know what a sweater dress was really about and I looked it up on your web site.I think your website is amazing.
    where do you get them from? I always wanted one but I didn't know if I would look good in one. I can't find one that looks more like a sweater. I am not really the kinda girl to wear sweaters. But I have been really pumped about wearuing a sweater dress. Once again thank you and I love your website


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