Tuesday, January 11, 2011


CFDA: Council of Fashion Designers of America.
Council of Fashion Designers of America awards is where you will also find the most stylish people in the world at the top of their game. Here are only SOME highlights of the amazing outfits worn to the award event.

Moment of silent for the one-in-a-lifetime, legendary designer.

Marchesa dress and Brian Atwood shoes. How darling can the dress get?
The gorgeous Aoki in a dress by the man himself, Zac Posen - himself looking dashing in the yellow blazer.

Can I just say ASIAN FTW? Jason Chu, Richard Chai and Alexander Wang with their prized accesories - Swarovski Awards for all three.
I think it would take me maybe 2-3 lifetime to even be able to afford any of the outfits worn above.

Feeling ambitious,

“Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford would always talk about how they’re ‘70s kids. And now, I’m thinking about how I’m really a ‘90s kid. My ideas come from things that I didn’t notice were trends at the time, like seeing my sister wear Via Spiga and watching ‘Saved by the Bell."
- Alexander Wang

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  1. I'm in awe at that Alexander McQueen dress. It's breathtaking! I love all of the others as well. Hehe-my boyfriend is a directing major, and I always tell him "You need to make a big movie so I can wear a red carpet dress!"

    Lindsey Soup


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