Monday, January 17, 2011

Fancy Footwork.

Footwork: the manner of using the feet.

The title of this post actually has almost nothing to do with the post itself. It's just because I'm currently listening to the song Fancy Footwork by Chromeo and I'm feeling pretty uninspired. Haha.
Today was another chilly day, so I wore my harems again with the military jacket. I love how the two pieces go with each other.

(Zara military crop jacket, Zara peterpan collared shirt, Zara harems, Forever 21 oxfords)

That MUJI hoop knit scarf is so unbelievably warm.

I wore my forever 21 grey suede oxfords because I feel like it was an interesting add to the outfit. I really feel like a little boy wearing these shoes. They give out a very masculine vibe don't you think? Feminine masculine vibe? They're also like these retro tap dancing shoes. Hahaha.

So the story behind my new favorite bracelet is that I used to have one similar to this - big, chunky, black leather, steel, I wish I had a picture of it - which I wore ALL THE TIME. Constantly. Everwhere I go. It was the one thing I never not wear, at anytime. Then of course, one day I lose it somehow, somewhere and since my friends is always playing with it all the time, they were pretty devastated too (quite literally - it was everyone's fidget toy in class). So for my birthday, one of my best friend bought me this which she thought would be a good replacement and I agree! I've been looking for a replacement everywhere and I can't believe she found a perfect one! So lots of love for her :)

Sorry if I haven't really been posting much content over the last couple weeks. I'm getting very busy with school work so I'll try my best to post (good posts) everyday.


"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases."
- Carl Jung


  1. great photos, lady! love the saturation.


  2. great photos, lady! love the saturation.



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