Monday, January 10, 2011

Street Style Eye-Candy: Hong Kong Disneyland

Street Style: any offbeat or avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban street people.

Thanks to my 28-300mm Tamron lens, I was able to do some falkering (fashion stalking) in Hong Kong unnoticeably, although I did have to take them quickly so pardon the pictures with terrible, terrible lighting/exposure/focus/etc. More precisely Disneyland. Being in Disneyland just makes it that much more interesting, in my opinion, as people may dress differently than they would walking around the Hong Kong streets. Just a heads up: A lot of these pictures are not front views, since you know, I had to take the pictures unnoticed. 

Them Shoes.

Yellow docs. Her outfit wasn't bad too.

The Doc Martens. I came across hundreds of combats and Doc Martens while I was there. It was crazy!
Most adorable boots.

Being in the midst of trainers just makes those pink high tops stand out that much more.
Them Kids.

Just because you're a kid doesn't mean you have to dress as disastrously as I did when I was younger. Check out these kids which may not be the most fashionable kids, but something about them did leave an impression.

 The picture above is actually of the daughters of a famous Indonesian singer. He has 4 daughters, and they were all dressed very rocker chic (he himself was wearing combat boots, ripped jeans and a vest over long-sleeved shirt). The youngest had a black tutu on with combat boots and she was ADORABLE, but unfortunately I didn't have time to take a good shot of her. Her sisters are also looking very stylish with their boots and tights and high waists, plaids and what not. Very zara-esque don't you think?

This girl had the most gorgeous poncho. Love the winter knit patterns.

Nothihng says home more than a patchwork vest. Adorable.
And of course, the Disney princesses costumes.
Them Street Styles.

Here are some pictures of authentic Hong Kong street style that can probably be seen in and out of Disneyland.

This girl had the most adorable sailor-esque coat, and I love her boots!

Love the colors on her, and her camera.

She's my favorite out of all of them. Her purple coat is absolutely adorable. It matches that bag of hers and the lacy tights really come together with that headwear. Great look.


"Elegance does not consist of putting on a new dress."
Coco Chanel 


  1. truly love the street style and those cutie kids! thanks for sharing, this post is great =D
    anw I dont re-dye my hair, it was just the flash effect from my camera =) cheers xx


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