Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who Says Baggy Jeans Are Only For Boys?

Baggy: not fitting closely; hanging loosely; "baggy trousers"; "a loose-fitting blouse is comfortable in hot weather"
"Are you sure those pants are your size?"
"Why are you wearing pants that are too big for you?"

Haha, some of the reactions I got for wearing these jeans but they were made to look baggy. They're exactly my size, but the crotch/back seam is lower. I've always wanted to get myself a pair of boyfriend jeans or baggy jeans but could never find one that was the perfect size until now! Thank you Zara for creating amazing pants (that fit).

(Topshop petite scallop vest top, Zara baggy jeans, Zara heels)

Perfect amount of sagging on the back, so it doesn't look too baggy.

I love travelling to new places, I just don't like the process of it. Do you know how tiring it is to travel? Airport transits, airplane food, everything is such a big hassle and it tires me out so much (or maybe since I do it so many times in a year it's not even funny) but seriously. I wish there was a one-way plane ride to every country in the world so we don't have to transit. You know what else I hate? That you need to pretty much strip naked, take out all the contents in your bag, put all of them in separate freaking containers because who knows I might have explosive mentos or something just to get on the freaking plane, put all my watery liquids in a plastic bag that can't weigh more than a feather. THANK YOU TERRORISTS, I hope you're happy now that you've revolutionized airport security. I guess better safe than sorry huh? Sorry for this rant but I just flew back to Hanoi yesterday and realized how much I hated it (being in airports all day). I can't imagine how my friends deal with it when they go back to their home countries halfway around the world. I usually only take half a day to get to Jakarta. Imagine people going to the USA or Europe.

Love how there's a giant suspending digital clock after every meter or so.

Who knew my balcony provides the most beautiful natural lighting for pictures (that actually sounds so obvious it's dumb),

"I get pretty much all the exercise I need walking down airport concourses carrying bags." - Guy Clark


  1. thanks for dropped by at my blog :)
    love that top so much!

  2. thanks for dropping by ;)
    i'm not into baggy jeans but loving your top !
    looking pretty in the portrait shot <3

    following your blog too :D

  3. you look great in this outfit!
    i dont think i can pull off a baggy jenas well


  4. your jeans are really fabulousss love !!

  5. baggy jeans for the win! i love everything baggy, and this looks great on you!


  6. the baggy jeans are cute!(:
    Yes, the balcony seems so good to provides an ideal lighting for photoshoot.

    Yes, travelling makes us tired because of the transportation. I really want to have Doraemon's door. It makes things easier..

    Dreamy Princess

  7. nice tips! i think i will try wearing those baggy pants :)

  8. thanks for dropped by at my blog :)
    love that top so much!

  9. You look Great in baggy jeans i would suggest you to look here too where you can see a lot of more pretty baggy jeans!



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