Sunday, March 27, 2011

Backstreet Boys


So as you know I went to Backstreet Boys's This is Us concert last Saturday night. When we were there, I found out that I wasn't allowed to use my SLR camera to take pictures so I was REALLY annoyed at that. Towards the end I secretly (or tried to) take pictures and videos anyways because I didn't want to not take pictures at all. I took a billion with my crappy 2G iPhone but you can barely see anything so.. I'm glad I took some even though they're still not that good. People were pushing and I was trying to not let security see me with a camera. The concert in general was amazing though. Their moves and costumes were still really 90s influenced, but I didn't care. I was jumping around and having a good time with my friends :)


I tried zooming on but it was really hard trying to get a good shot since people in front of me were jumping around and putting their hands up, but here are some of my pictures.

AJ and Howie:

Brian and Nick <3 :

They had really tight security there, that's how bad it could have gotten (even though it was still pretty bad). Some of them even had permission to shoot if people misbehaved. I mean, the people who paid less for their tickets were in front of us! They pushed and shoved their way through. It was terrible (being in the middle of the mosh pit), but I still enjoyed the music so whatever.

My friend Khanh says hi,


  1. Wow, how lucky! I was just listening to their songs last night! How nostalgic

  2. Despite being born in the 90s, I was never a big fan of the songs from that era (excluding Spice Girls, haha). Still, you're really lucky to be able to watch them :)

  3. I am so jealous, I love the BSB!!! xxx

  4. I'm glad you managed to take some pictures, I'd be gutted if I paid for a concert and weren't allowed any "souvenirs". I went to some concerts when I was younger and man, I cannot stand those extreme fangirls. They'd be all the way at the back and still manage to wiggle their way to the front, stomping on my feet as they go...
    Glad you had a great time with your friends, though! :)


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