Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Herro everyone,
Yes, that is winnie the pooh on my blanket. Don't hate.
It's 12:09 AM on a wednesday night/thursday morning so I've decided to do a Q&A post since my life may be a bit of a mystery to some of you now - and of course, it's the most natural thing to do at 12 AM in the morning. I get the same questions as well sometimes in my comments, emails or formspring. So I'll do my first Q&A post! Yay! 

I'll give it a couple days so it won't end up being 3 questions or some embarrassingly small number like that, for you guys to give me any questions :) hahaha
So drop me a question on my formspring:
or my email:
or my twitter: tammie900
And ask me just about anything because I will answer them! 

Looking forward to (hopefully) some questions :)


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