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You Asked the Questions, Here Are the Answers Part. 2

Arizona Muse for British Vogue May 2011 - Photographer: Mario Testino
Here's the list of questions (some edited for brevity) you guys asked me from April 2011. You guys can always ask me questions here in my comments or on my formspring!:

1. Where am I currently residing?
Currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam but I'm originally Indonesian.

2. Who is your style icon/inspiration?
My style icon/inspiration would have to be Alexa Chung - I truly admire her style. To be honest though, I get inspired by a lot of things so there isn't really ONE style icon/inspiration for me. Another one would have to be other fashion bloggers such as Anastasia Siantar and Michelle Koesnadi (amazing Indonesian bloggers).

3. Where do you get your shoes?! They are adorable. I am so addicted to your blog, I get so excited to see what new pair of shoes you'll have.
Hahahaa! wow thanks so much! I like to buy shoes that stand out so most of my shoes are really out there :) I get them from everywhere - jakarta, hanoi, random shops. I really appreciate your support for my blog though, so thanks so much :)

4. Please do more tutorials when you have time!
I sure as heck will! :) You guys can send me an email for suggestions of anything you guys want me to make a tutorial on.

5. hi!!! i saw a lot of blogs and i think, that your is the best! how old were you when you start to having a blog? i hope, that i will have great blog like you :)) and please tell me how much money do you spend for clothes for one month? :)
hi! thanks so much! :) well I only started last year, so 16 :) Wow umm, it really depends.. but probably around $50-90ish on average? :/ Sort of really wasteful now that I think about it T.T

6. heyhey how do you spend only $50-90 a month on clothes? I mean, considering that one piece would be approximately $40 that would mean just 1-2 a month! Or do you mix and match a lot? oh and do you shop by seasons? xx take care : )
Well since I live in Hanoi - on average - I can get pretty cheap things at some random thrift store downtown. A top could just cost me like, no joke 1-2 US dollars. A pair of heels for 10-15 dollars. If I was on holiday though, that would be a different story. Definitely not :) I always try to mix and match different pieces regardless of the seasons - so yeah, I don't shop by seasons.

7. What do you do to get your hair like that?
My hair? Well it's already naturally really really fine and straight so it's really hard for me to do anything else with it. Curling it takes FOREVER and I need multiple hairties to keep it up.

8. What does your father do? hahaha i noe its a stupid question but i was just wondering since you have everything so branded and expensive!!!
Hahahaa well he's a director of a compound in Vietnam (Ciputra), moved from Indonesia.. Some of the stuff are my mom's so we share a lot!

9. Hi how do you stay fit, whats your exercise regime? or do you watch what you eat?
To be super honest, I don't watch what I eat (I mean I have McDonald's for breakfast sometimes :/ ) and I definitely am not athletic. The only exercise I get is from school. Hahaha terrible habits I know :(

10. hi again, I've read that you're in Vietnam, so you mean, you live in a compound and that's a vacant lot in Vietnam where you were in?sorry if i'm that curious, i just love your shots there..kinda refreshing to look,and honestly i'm kinda jealous of you!^^
Hahaha it's okay and thank you :D And yeah, it's exactly that :)

11. Which camera are you using?
Canon EOS 60D

12. hi! i recently found your blog via tumblr(or somewhere, i think), and i follow you immediately coz of the posts you fashionable :) and i'm kinda curious, you always have this background in all of your pictures., your family own those lots? :)
oh no, no hahahhahaa it's the view from my balcony.. It's just empty land on the outskirts of town - I live in a compound. It's definitely not owned by my family hahahaha and thank you :)

13. Where do you get your inspiration from? And how do you match your clothes together so well?
I get my inspiration from absolutely anything: movies, music, pictures, people, looking through my closet... I don't know :) Usually I tend to match them in terms of color and then see how they look together.. Sometimes I just pick randomly :)

I've lost track if this was from the beginning of the month or not, but you guys can always visit my formspring to read the other questions!


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