Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bedroom Tour

Someone asked me the other day to do a bedroom tour! Yay! So this post today will be on my bedroom. The pictures are in order since I took the picture around the room, if that makes sense.

So this is exactly what you see right before you come in. I'm not sure if this is very relevant but that's fine :) hahaha.
Look at all the non-existent mess!! I finally got around to cleaning out my little vanity desk and put all my junk into boxes and labelled each of them :) 
I never use this chair to sit on :/ That longchamp bag has a bunch of clothes that was left behind here before summer, and I usually dump my school bag right next to it. Then I also hang a bunch of clothes that I try on right on the top there (yes I confess I cleaned the mess on the chair up a little bit before taking the picture nyahaha).
This is my bookshelf, obviously. It used to look really neat and organized, but overtime as the number of books grew I kind of just started throwing them in there :( I'm a bit of a bookworm (although I haven't had time to read any books for a while). Those plastic bags full of clothes are unpacked clothes from the summer. I think you guys start to get an idea of what kind of a lazy person I am.
This is right across from my bed. It's where I store all my CDs, DVDs and electronics. I call that little corner with the plugs my charging corner because usually I'll have 3-4 things charging at the same time there, plus all my chargers are in that pink bag.
This is my bedside table, complete with a remote control holder, DS dock and mini christmas tree. That piece of little note paper stuck on my lampshade is reference for my TV channels. I can never remember things like this (this = locker combination, locker number, people's birthdays, people's phone numbers, etc.) hahahaha.
So last but not least is my desk. I'm supposed to clear out that mess (in those shelves) a couple days ago but couldn't be bothered and so its still a big mess today. Its where I store my bags, my school textbooks, camera lenses, computer stuffs and all sorts of stationery goodness. There are some DVDs as well though on the top shelf since I ran out of space.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little photo spamming there!



  1. aww,, your room is so nice..
    You got so much interesting stuff there.
    I saw an organ there. Are you playin organ??

  2. It's great to have a look in other peoples living space! 


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