Friday, July 26, 2013

Spotlight: JumpFromPaper


I received a package earlier this week from the lovely people at JumpFromPaper who I have to thank for this adorable bag from their Time Machine limited edition collection! This particular piece is called Martini and comes in 3 different colors, including this one that I currently own. I instantly loved the concept of their pieces - I guess relating back to the name of the brand, Jump From Paper - as they explore the combination of fashion and fun by challenging our visual experience with its tricky 2D appearances and hand-drawn designs.

Definitely a must have! They are too cute! Of course, they have a line for both men and women so they're super flexible. I just think that these pieces are way too adorable to pass up and the concept is just so unique. Very fortunate to be able to find out about them.

Anyways, you guys need to check out their collection and see more of their stuff by following this link


  1. is it really a bag, or what?..simply flat??or you can still put you bulky things?


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