Friday, August 9, 2013

Guest Blogger: Miu Miu Accessory Necessities

Miu Miu is exactly where one turns when they want to feel a little young, wild, and free in their ensemble while maintaing highbrow sophistication.  Its big sister, Prada, satisfies all our needs for maturity, but Miu Miu provides colorful, stylish, and forever chic styles. From bags to glasses to jewelry, there’s a Miu Miu accessory out there for every girl’s wardrobe.
1. Earrings from The Outnet - The most exciting thing about Miu Miu earrings is that most of the designs are fun! Ranging from apples to bows to lightning bolts and back, there is an earring for every occasion. Subtle jeweled earrings are perfect for a formal affair, while the more bizarre designs are great for a night out with friends!
2. Glasses from Reading Glasses – Though you may not know it, Miu Miu also has reading glasses, along with their infamous sunglasses styles. With black, tortoise, yellow, and red frames, you can easily find a pair to match your complexion. You have the opportunity to choose between a thick or thin-rimmed frame!
3. Wallet from Clout Shoppe  - There is a Miu Miu wallet in the color of your dreams. They zip from all different sides, or button right in the middle, whatever you find more convenient when you’re paying for something. As well as multiple colors, the wallets come in various textures, like alligator skin and leather.
4. Tote from My Theresa – Technically, you could have a Miu Miu in every style. There’s clutches for cocktail parties, shoulder bags for concerts, top handles for dinner, and tote bags for the office. Try a neutral or black colored handbag, so it matches a majority of your wardrobe, or pick out a fruity color to brighten up that day’s outfit.
5. Platform Sandals from Saks Fifth Avenue - Platform sandals turn an outfit form basic to chic. Instead of throwing on a pair of gladiators, platform sandals spice up the rest of your ensemble. Make sure to walk the door ready to be as sassy as your heels!
6. Gloves from Profile Fashion – Too many people are scared to try to pull off gloves, so don’t be one of them! Audrey Hepburn gave opera gloves (and those notorious three-quarter length gloves) a new name, as can you when you sport leather gloves with your next 1960’s-inspired outfit.
7. Brooch from Miu Miu e-store – A brooch is another thing you may find yourself overlooking when it comes to accessories. Find one that expresses your personality (or at least matches your favorite sweater) to give your outfit a more classic, unique look. 
8. Belt from Net-a-Porter - Belts are essential to completely switch the look of an outfit. Just this one item can take a skirt or a dress from casual to formal, and vice versa. Depending on the cut of your skirt, a thicker belt might make your outfit pop!

Guest Blogger Michelle Jessting

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