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I wanted to bring this to you guys' attention because of the fact that this is the first unisex jewellery that I ever really liked. NOBLE by Bendtner is a brand developed by Nicklas Bendtner, the Danish soccer player from Arsenal. When I first heard of him, I was feeling a little bit skeptical due to the fact that the brand is firstly for men. However, after looking at the products and the fact that his wife also wears his jewellery, I was definitely much more interested. Not to mention the bracelets look super luxurious and polished, I just had to share with you guys!

Here's a little bit about the brand:

"It has always been my dream to create a jewellery collection for men. And it must - of course - be jewellery that does not look like anything else on the market. The jewellery must have an edge and attitude - be exclusive and unique". " Nicklas Bendtner - 2010.

As with his career in football the famous Danish soccer player from Arsenal - Nicklas Bendtner - has always had very high demands to his own performance. This is also reflected in the expression of his Jewellery designs, where he chose the exotic skin from a Stingray to be the continuous look on bracelets and necklaces instead of the traditional leather. And the various Jewellery styles are all designed in solid Sterling silver 925 with hand-set black diamonds. The whole process with Nicklas as the creative force.
"To my surprise, lots of women have shown a huge interest in our Collections in the past years. As a result I decided to dedicate selected bracelets and necklaces from our Wildlife and Classic Collections to women only. And with this expansion together with our latest new designs I took the opportunity to change our company name to NOBLE by Bendtner”. Nicklas Bendtner, 2013.

Today the various Collections are marketed as a Wildlife Collection and Classic Collection “for Women only” and equivalent “for Men only”. And the original design ideas of producing Jewellery with a certain edge and attitude have not been compromised over time. Neither the uniqueness of each individual Jewellery.

The various Collections consist of bracelets, necklaces and rings.

You guys can check out his lookbook by clicking here: NOBLE by Bendtner

Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. I just love the bracelets from Noble, especially their bracelets made ​​of stingray skin is so super soft and comfortable to wear and the silver lock is a brand new system, that I have never seen before. I found a page that offers the Noble jewellery with free worldwide shipping


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