Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Tabelina Inc. by Isa


This post is way way overdue but a month, or so, ago, I received this red beanie courtesy of Tabelina Inc.! I've been meaning to post this for a while but school really got in the way, and so I've paused on blogging for a while. I'm trying to make time this holiday to get back on track with my blog and update you guys on some great stuff I've found over the past couple of months - such as this one!

These beanies are super comfortable, comes in a number of different colors and are perfect for the chilly weather. I decided to choose this gorgeous red colour because I thought it would be nice to have a bold color beanie (all I had were black and white before this red one).

A little bit about their logo, straight from Isa herself:

The logo; symbol of the brand; is a dragonfly in the body of a woman, with the heart in the place of the head; symbolizing that women think with their hearts. This meaningful logo is present in each and every design as a reminder and an inspiration to dream, live and fly! 

The more reason to support her brand and get a beanie of your own!

Anyway, you guys should follow tabelina on their twitter @TabelinaInc to keep updated. Also, check out their website by clicking here: http://www.tabelina.com/

On top of all this, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! All overdue posts will be up within the next week. Will not have posts from 2013 be up on 2014, I promise!


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