Friday, January 7, 2011

Stuart Weitzman in Disneyland

Suede: leather with a napped surface.

I got to Disneyland the other day and I wore my new Stuart Weitzman shoes to the park, which was a bad idea. My feet were so sore after 3 or 4 hours but we went back to the hotel around that time anyways. I bought a couple new coats from Zara and this one really matched the shoes. I love the outfit today since I think there's a lot of unity in the color of each pieces of clothing.
(Zara military crop jacket, Zara knit turban, Zara harem pants, Mango top, Stuart Weitzman leopard wedges)
Love the details on the buttons!

Look at the difference between the two. The one in front of the other is way more faded than the one behind. You can guess which one was on display.
The shoes are suede, in case anyone was wondering. I really do prefer suede shoes. It gives it that much more class, I think.

I love the Tory Burch trademark pattern.
In the end it got way too cold for me to just be wearing two layers of clothing, so I added on another coat. This coat is my mom's and its absolutely adorable. 

I also finally got that peter pan collar shirt!


"Hm! Teenagers. They entertain the idea they understand everything. You give them an inch, they swim all the way."
Sebastian in The Little Mermaid


  1. awesome shoes, but I could never wear those to an amusement park! lol oh the pain later.. The peter pan collar is just too cute ;D


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