Friday, January 7, 2011

Wishlist #1 - Leopard Wedges

Quick Update:
So I've had my eye on leopard wedges for a while and I could not find any ANYWHERE in Jakarta. So after a while I gave up looking, but then... I went to Hong Kong.

We were looking for Tory Burch flats (which I also found), and I found these leopard wedges on SALE. We were in Lane Crawford and were looking in the shoes section when I came across these adorable Stuart Weitzman ( leopard wedges/boots for HALF PRICE. So naturally I bought it. Of course, with shoes-on-sale there is a price. It was the last pair for my size so I had to get the one on display. The one on display was faded and you could  tell it was in a worn-out condition... but the other which was in the box was fine. So now I have a pair of shoes that are the same but different.

I'll post the real shoes soon but here is what they look like, and remember I got them for half price.

They're not platforms - I would've loved platform wedges - but oh well, I didn't want to push my luck seeing that I couldn't find them anywhere else.



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