Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paying the Rent for My Room on Earth

Community Service: volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions

I just went to the spring fair over at my school, and did some community service (paying your dues to Earth) :) I was helping out at the "Pray for Japan" stand, where we had to give out business cards with a link which leads to where people should donate to Japan online. It was great and some people were really supportive which is really good to see! Now to look forward to: Backstreet boys concert at 6. I CANNOT WAIT TO LAY MY EYES ON NICK CARTER. I don't care how old he is now, he's such an eye candy. 

I found this top yesterday which has slits on the shoulders. I've been looking for sweaters just like these, but this top will do for now. I think it's really lovely too, the prints are very suitable for welcoming spring which is taking its sweet time getting here.

(Heritage shirt with shoulder slits, Zara harem pants, Fedora messenger bag, Naima platform mary janes) 

The next post will be on the community service that I did so stay tuned!

I want it that way,
"Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does."  
- William James



  1. cute outfits tamara.. i love your bag and your shoes is soo dazzling! :)

  2. love your shoes and printed top!
    you have a new follower!

  3. I will trade you my shoes for these shoes ANY DAY!

  4. you look gorgeous! the shoes are insaane:)
    I'm following, your blog is cool:)

  5. It's heart-warming to see so many people all over the world helping Japan. Hope their recovery will be a smooth one.

    Your top is so cute, love the cutouts. I like your red platforms, too, gives the outfit a nice pop of colour.

  6. That's adorable of you to serve an act of humanity. I do really hope that the disaster will overcome soon...
    And another adorable thing,your outfit is. I love how the red shoes give some statement for the one-toned separates. Loveable!

    clara x

  7. THAT IS ONE ADORABLE TOP AND HEELS. loving and drooling over your red mary janes! ;)

    love the humanity and social spirit of you. EPIC!


  8. cute outfits tamara.. i love your bag and your shoes is soo dazzling! :)


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