Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pre-Earth Day

Awareness: having knowledge of; "he had no awareness of his mistakes"; "his sudden consciousness of the problem he faced"; "their intelligence and general knowingness was impressive"

(The little things she needs ribbon clip, Cotton on boyfriend blazer, Forever 21 top, Forever 21 skirt, Zara suede heels)

Our school is celebrating Earth day today because it's actually tomorrow (on a Saturday) and we won't be able to do some spirit day on it together. The class wearing the most green will win a prize - something like a pizza? Haha, real exciting prize, but anyways it really raises school spirit I think and also awareness for Earth day which is great. Are you guys doing anything on Earth day/hour?

For the actual Earth hour tomorrow I will be off watching Backstreet Boys - their concert here in Hanoi! I had all their tapes and everything :) So my friends and I are really excited about it - even though they're like in their 40s now? hahaha. Very nostalgic.

Go green!
"Don't it always seem to go. That you don't know what you've got til it's gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."
- Joni Mitchell


  1. très jolie look, et j'aime beaucoup ton top vert

  2. I love themed dressing - nothing better than wearing green for Mother Nature! That skirt is adorable, sososo cute.

    Hand drawn:
    My Closet in Sketches

  3. Cute outfit, I especially love the top! :)

    I bet you're excited for the concert, have fun! :D

    Lubna | elle VOX

  4. I love your skirt : )
    I like listening 40's song too!

  5. the backstreet boys still rock =)
    and I hope you class won for spirit
    the green outfit is just too cute!!!



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