Monday, May 16, 2011

Inclined to Draw

Hi guys, I know this has been a while ago but I want to do a post on my art exhibition (senior and junior) which happened earlier this year. I was just looking at the photos from the exhibition and some of these artworks are amazing! I have to share them with you guys. I also feel like I never really talk about art (let alone my art) - it's just been photography and fashion on this blog, so this can give you guys a glimpse of the art that we do in my school.

This is the IB (International Baccalaureate) Art Exhibition for the 12th graders (which we have every year for the art students) but the 11th graders get a little space to showcase some of the works we did this year as well. This is our mini exhibition:

The one labelled "Wenwen's" is a portrait of my friends and I made by one of my best friends :) I'm the 3rd from the right. Isn't it adorable though? Such a fun piece. The painting I did is based on a photograph I took of my sister.
These are portraits we did of cleaning ladies in our school. It was a great experience, and we actually have little history blurbs next to the portraits to tell people about the "stories" of these ladies.

In case you guys want to see mine better:
It's not amazing but I think with practice I can definitely get better!

Here are some of my favorites from the seniors' exhibition:

This piece is made from HAIR on canvas. Intricate right?! It's craaaazy. It must have taken her forever. I would never have the patience to make something like this... It would be too fidgety for me, I would not have the patience.
This is not a photograph, it's acrylic paint on canvas.

Now these last two pieces:
Are made from charcoal. Yes, that's right. They are not photographs but they are charcoal and graphite on paper. The same person who painted the clouds.

Okay well I hope you guys found that interesting and please do comment and let me know your thoughts on these pieces!


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  1.  These are beautiful! <3 My eyes were tricked! I thought that painting of the sky was a photograph. Anyway this is a great post! Love it!



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