Monday, March 25, 2013

7 Days 7 Stories: Videofyme

Hi guys!
I'm currently working on this mini collaboration with Videofyme, a video app for your apple devices. I'm going to post 7 different videos on each day of the week starting today. I have my first one up right now which you guys can view both on youtube (click here) or on the app itself, called Videofyme! 

Video-gramming is getting really popular lately with apps like Vine (follow me @tammie900) and Videofyme. I love them just because they are like instagram (quick updates) but it gets a little more personal and intimate just because it shows people glimpses of your everyday life in a creative way. You can add music and edit your videos really easily - I took the videos over a few hours during the day, but editing it took literally 5 minutes. The app is very user friendly. 

I recommend you guys downloading the app itself and follow me @tammie900 to see the rest of my #7days7stories videos!


1 comment:

  1. Ehhh nice video! Like it like it <3
    The art assignment looked so interesting :)


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